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Submission Guidelines

Want to contribute to Fem Static Zine? Send all submissions to for consideration. Please read the guidelines carefully!

Fem Static Zine accepts writing, poetry, art, comics, photography, collages and any other art form. Each zine issue has different topics so please submit relevant material. If you have questions or would like additional guidance, please reach out to us.

  • Article contributions need to be between 500-1000 words. Please send all writing in microsoft word documents Edits and adjustments will occur and we will work closely with all contributors to produce the best submission for Fem Static Zine.
  • Art should not exceed one 8X10 page spread. Art and Comics need to be scanned with high resolution (300 dpi) and emailed to
  • Accepted submissions will be published in Fem Static Zine and potentially published on the website.

If your submission does not reflect the ideas and goals of fourth wave feminism it will not be considered for publication. Nothing racist, transphobic, hateful, sexist, or mean will be published.


Issue 7 of Fem Static Zine is coming in June, 2016 and will focus on sexual health and gender. Issue 8 of Fem Static Zine is coming August, 2016 and will be a TEEN ZINE for and by feminist teenagers. Submissions open in July! The Survivor Zine, Issue 2 is coming September, 2016. Submissions will open in August. 

Submissions are always open. Get started now! 

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