Fem Static Zine and Fourth Wave Feminism 


Fem Statics a fourth wave feminist, all inclusive publication started in October, 2014. It is a mixed medium platform where people can submit their work to be published. This is a hand-made original content Zine. It’s designed, printed, distributed by Charissa Lucille, and a strong team of contributors and editors. It focuses on Fourth Wave Feminism issues and encourages readers to open their mind to progressive ideas. The topics differ in each zine. Each issue has an ever evolving definition of fourth wave feminism, a community page, and a SHIT page to write down your own thoughts or doodles. Inside, you will find art, photography, poetry, articles, comics, links for more information and much more. The zine is taking off! It’s a long process to organize, edit and create the zines so please get excited and order your copy today.


Fem Static Zine Tabling Events: Los Angeles Zine FestLong Beach Zine FestPhoenix Zine FairUnderground Publishers Convention (Phoenix)San Francisco Zine Fest. Organizer for the Phoenix Zine Fest, 2016.

Fem Static Zine Stock: Wasted Ink Zine Distro


Charissa Lucille: Creator, Editor in Chief, Boss Lady

My name is Charissa Lucille and I am a zinester! I graduated from Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication and quickly realized I needed to start my own publication to write about the topics I wanted to focus on. Fem Static Zine and Phoenix Feminism allows me to put all my skills of writing, editing, layout, design, photography and social media to use. It’s my goal to spread awareness and help people through art and writing. When I’m not working on Fem Static Zine, I am working at a local camera store, drinking black coffee, shooting film photography, playing my ukulele and hugging my Great Dane. I enjoy feminism because it brings people together and provides a platform for healing and growth. I enjoy the zine community because of it’s DIY and punk attitude and above all I love meeting new people who are just as passionate about fourth wave feminism as I am. I also own and maintain a zine distro in Tempe called Wasted Ink Zine Distro! Thank you for supporting my feminist brain child and I hope you enjoy our work!

Yolie Contreras: Writer, Copy Editor

Yolie Contreras

Yolie Contreras

My name is Yolie and I am a California transplant living in the desert. I remember the 90’s vividly and still dress like I’m in a time warp. I’ve dabbled in many things throughout my life and I love to learn. I am currently an ASU student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Women and Gender studies. The plight of women and especially women of color is something that I am passionate about. My ethnic background and my gender play into my daily life and affect who I am as a person. This is why Feminism influences my life, because it highlights people who are disadvantaged and gives them a voice. Among my other passions are collecting vinyl records which I have done since I was 16 and received my first Glenn Miller record. I am also currently having an intense love affair with books of all shapes and sizes. I am a vegetarian 3 years and counting and I love all animals big and small. Some of my other “interests” are LGBTQIA rights, art, Colorism, animal activism, nature, volunteerism, cocktails, photography, french fries and all things cats. I currently live in the downtown Phoenix area with my boyfriend Billy and our cat named Frida (yes she is named after that wonderful Mexican artist). I am excited to share my views with the world and also listen to what the world has to say. I’m so glad to be a part of this adventure!

If you want to learn more about my natural habitats and what makes me tick, follow me on Instagram and Tumblr. 

“I am just one woman trying to make sense of this world we live in. I’m raising my voice to show all the ways we have room to want more, to do better.” – Roxane Gay

Haley Orion Khoshaba: Director of Art, Illustrator

Haley Orion Khoshaba

Haley Orion Khoshaba

I’m Haley Orion Khoshaba and I am an artist. I’m currently attending school in hopes of becoming a social worker. I’ve been doing artwork my whole life and most of my art is very personal. Being ill a lot leaves me alone with myself and my paintbrush so I’ve never had much to work it. Being a part of Fem Static Zine has given me the opportunity to branch out and create pieces that revolve around issues I’m passionate about, rather than just myself.

Outside painting and drawing, I love to read and play video games. I’m shy but once people get to know me, I’m pretty passionate about feminism, racism, xenophobia, human rights, and classism.

“I have come to believe over and over again that what is most important to me must be spoken, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having is bruised or misunderstood.”- Audre Lorde

Samedi: Illustrator, Artist



Samedi here! I’m a incredibly curious nonbinary alien who wants to learn many things, far and wide. Also, I put the QT in QTPOC. Currently, I’m attending school at the ASU Tempe location studying Digital Culture with a concentration in Art – I’m probably the one with blue/green haired one staring off into space, y’know – thinking ‘bout stuff. Feminism, especially intersectional feminism, is one of these things that I need in my life. It gives me a voice along with the other marginalized groups a voice to tell about the injustices committed to them – it helps bring awareness to issues that need to be addressed in society. Feminism has also allowed me to meet new people that share my same ideas and help me create new ones or learn about others. I’m very into cartoons, comics/graphic novels, and you will probably see me watching/reading one of those two or making my own art in many shapes/forms or cooking or ogling at fashion or – okay I’ll stop and just say I do a lot of things in my free time when I get the chance.

Also, an important internet sticky note about myself – I go by them/them/their pronouns – so be respectful and use those in reference to me!

“It means understanding that different kinds of oppression are interlinked, and that one can’t liberate only one group without the others. It means acknowledging kyriarchy and intersectionality – the fact that along different axes, we’re all both oppressed and oppressors, privileged and disprivileged.”-Shiri Eisner