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What  is  Fourth  Wave  Feminism? 

Many Fourth Wave Feminists, including myself, grew up thinking people are equal and we’re pissed off when we aren’t treated as such. We are rising up and pushing for equal pay for equal work, ownership of our bodies, true social equality, and the end of violence against marginalized people, people of color, queer people, trans women, Black women and Black men.

Fourth Wave Feminism is realistic equity and the celebration of personal choices. Fourth Wave Feminism characteristics include increased technology, social media, online campaigns, LGBTQIA, body positivity, disabled visibility, global feminism, trans inclusivity, male feminism, intersectionality, Black feminism, the #metoo movement, sex positivity, and many more. People are realizing how stagnant Third Wave Feminism is and they are CREATING Fourth Wave Feminism by connecting, sharing stories, forming groups, voting, writing blogs, and fighting hard for equality. The focus is shifting outward and the movement is growing faster than ever. If you’re plugged in at all, you’re already a part of it. You are a Fourth Wave Feminist. Enjoy the ride.

 “To distance yourself from the word [feminist] is to imply there’s something wrong with feminism and/or feminists, an implication that leads to the continued denigration of the cause itself. Ladies, if we can reclaim words like SLUT and BITCH, using them, Riot Grrrl-style, to denote power instead of degradation, we can reclaim the word FEMINIST.”-Sexy Feminism